Saturday, September 10, 2011

Comicon Challenge 2011: Red Monika!

At Game Artisans, there is a new challenge about the comicon convention in San Diego (I think it was closed, but they wanted to do it even if it is closed). This is the link of my post:

So, I had to choose a character in 3D and to make it like in a different universe. I decided to make Red Monika, Madureira's character. And as you can see, her proportions are a little bit exaggerated.... well, the reason I decided to make her is because it makes fun of all the female characters: perfect women, beautiful, good butt and boobs.... the list is long.

I am trying to make her like comic style... but I don´t really know what's gonna happen because this is the first time I do this and I am learning at the same time, so i can't be focused only in the style, just to finish it. However, I don´t even know if I'll be able, but I must try!

So, this is my work in progress, it is just a taste, there will be more soon!!

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